DaGO-Fun - Database for GO-based Functional Annotation Analysis
GOSP-FIT: GO term Similarity based Protein-Fuzzy Identification Tool

Given a set of GO terms related to the underlying biological phenomena, such as diseases or specific disorders, this engine enables the identification of candidate genes or proteins matching these terms or meeting the threshold or agreement level. Using a selected semantic similarity approach, the tool identifies and ranks genes or proteins that are associated with the underlying biological phenomena under consideration. This helps users to narrow down the list of candidate genes or proteins and elucidate those that are more likely to be related to the biological phenomena under study.

Uploading Input and Parameters
GO Term List: Paste the GO term list:

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Setting Parameters:
Semantic Family

  • Step 1 GO term List allows you to provide a specific list of GO annotations of interest for which you want to identify genes or proteins from specific genome or proteome matching these annotations or terms given the agreement level.
  • Step 2 Setting Parameters where you have to specify the nature of your data and the semantic similarity approach to use in your analysis. You have also to provide the agreement level to apply on the concept and ontology under consideration.
  • Please, build your model Step-by-Step from Query --to-- Input. Go to help or tool description for more details.