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DaGO-Fun Release Notes and Version

Welcome ec2-54-82-81-154.compute-1.amazonaws.com ( to the DaGO-Fun web tool, which focused on protein analysis based on their GO annotations, incorporating dependencies between GO terms in the GO-DAG through semantic similarity. It provides a user friendly interface, featuring a stepwise query selection menu that is easy to use, flexible and customizable, taking into account user preferences. We welcome feedback on your experience using DaGO-Fun applications. Read more.

1. DaGO-Fun 14.1 (Current release) May 2014

  • IT-GOM tool: Topology-based family based term similarity approaches implement all known Protein Functional Similarity measures. The Nunivers approach suggested in the context of the annotation-based family has been added.
  • Protein Functional Interaction and Protein Function Prediction tools still to be added!

2. DaGO-Fun 13.1 January 2013

3. DaGO-Fun 11.1 October 2011

  • Only IT-GOM tool implemented.
  • Limited to only Protein UniProt Accession.
  • A couple of applications still to be implemented!

4. Special Note:

We recognize that a specific DaGO-Fun forum may surely provide an optimal way to share all discussions and answers to all technical questions, comments and bug reports among DaGO-Fun users. However, as this forum is still to be implemented, any problem accountered when using this tool or comments should be forwarded by email to the DaGO-Fun team, who will review and/or answer them in time depending on our availability.