DaGO-Fun - Database for GO-based Functional Annotation Analysis
GOSS-FEAT: GO Semantic Similarity based-Fuzzy Enrichment Analysis Tool

This tool allows the exploration of GO annotations of a gene list relevant to particular biological conditions to gain insights into the biological meaning of the phenomena being studied. This enables the identification of biological processes most pertinent to the experiment performed. The tool incorporates the complex dependence structure of the GO DAG and the uncertainty in annotation data using fuzzy expressions through GO term semantic similarity measures. This yields a more realistic output that also includes specific and meaningful annotations that may be relevant to the experiment.

Uploading Input and Parameters
Gene List: Paste the gene list:

or upload from a file

Background List: Paste the gene list:

or upload from a file

Setting Parameters:
  p-value cut-off

  • Step 1 Gene List allows you to provide a specific list of genes or proteins of interest. In step 2 Background List provides the area where you should upload the whole list of genes or proteins to check against.
  • Step 3 Setting Parameters where you have to specify the nature of your data and the semantic similarity approach to use in your analysis. You also have to provide the agreement level to apply on the concept for the ontology under consideration and the p-value threshold.
  • Please, build your model Step-by-Step from Query --to-- Input. Go to help or tool description for more details.