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Publications related to Protein Function Prediction

All our published papers and chapters related to protein function prediction based on protein-protein functional networks can be found in this site. We urge DaGO-Fun users to first read papers related to their applications to get more details before running it.

  • Mazandu GK, Mulder NJ (2012) Using the underlying biological organization of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis functional network for protein function prediction. Infection, Genetics and Evolution 12(5): 922-932. View
  • Mazandu GK, Mulder NJ (2012) Function prediction and analysis of mycobacterium tuberculosis hypothetical proteins. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 13(6): 7283-7302. View
  • Mazandu GK, Mulder NJ (2012) Enhancing drug target identification in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis: Risk Factors, Drug Resistance and Treatment, NOVA Publishers. View
  • Mazandu GK, Mulder NJ (2011) Scoring protein relationships in functional interaction networks predicted from sequence data. PLoS ONE 6(4): e18607. View

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