myCRAN repository


Packages from this repository can be installed via the following call in an R session:

# get biocLite from bioconductor
# or

# Example: install NMF package
# On Windows or Mac OS X, this will try install the source package 
# if a binary package is not available for the OS version
biocLite('NMF', siteRepos=c(''), type='both')
Please contribute Mac packages!
I do not have access to a Mac, so I welcome "donations" of Mac binary version of the packages available on this repository. You can build a binary package and email me the package (See build instructions ).

  1. Download a source package from:
  2. Open a shell and type the following commands:
    # wget
    mkdir tmplib
    R CMD INSTALL -l tmplib --build pkg_1.0.tar.gz

    where "pkg_1.0.tar.gz" corresponds to the version of the source package you want to build.
  3. Email me the newly built package -- with extension ".tgz" -- at , mentionning which version of Mac OS X you used