Emile CHIMUSA                   
Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine
Anzio Rd, Observatory 7925.
Cape Town, South Africa.
Tel: +27 21 406 6058/6176.
Fax: +27 21 406 6068.

I am a mathematical population geneticist whose research focuses on analysing genome wide patterns of variation within and between species to address fundamental questions in biology, anthropology, and medicine. I am currently undertaking a Post-Doctoral research position in the program of Computational Biology CBIO and Bioinformatics at University of Cape Town (2013-Now).




Invited lecturer for Structured Master Degree in Mathematical Sciences program at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) centers in Africa. AIMS (active 2013-Now).



My current research focuses is on medical population genomics to personalized medicine and global health including developing statistical, computational, and genomic resources for enabling trans- and multi-ethnic genome-wide association and medical sequencing studies of Mendelian, oligogenic, and complex biomedical traits. I am interested in computational and statistical methods for understanding the genetics and environment architecture of genetic diseases, variation in drug/treatment response with particular interest in multi-way mixed.

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