CBIO Joins the Global Alliance

The Global Alliance was created to enable the sharing of genomic and clinical data to accelerate progress in medicine. Providing widespread access to genomic and clinical data will be achieved by developing a common framework of international technical, operational and ethical standards needed to ensure the interoperability of genomic research platforms in a secure and responsible manner. In order to achieve these goals, The Global Alliance will work to (i) bring together the research, clinical, and disease advocacy communities and the private sector to support and promote the responsible sharing of genomic data and (ii) collaborate with interested parties to create an information platform that is open and accessible, and provides common standards, formats and tools to stakeholders in the genomic research community.


For more information see the factsheet. A number of institutions/consortia, including H3ABioNet have signed us as founding partners.


The Alliance was recently announced in Nature, The New York Times, and The Guardian:



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