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The DaGO-Fun Concepts:

The DaGO-Fun tool is a an integrated set of GO-based functional analysis tools incorporating the large amounts of biological knowledge that GO offers in describing genes or groups of genes. The tools use term semantic similarity measurements for understanding the biological phenomena underlying experimental data. More details

GO Analysis Tools

The DaGO-Fun tool provides the following GO-based functional analyses:

Term and Protein Semantic Similarity (IT-GOM)

Protein Fuzzy-Identification (GOSP-FIT)

Term Fuzzy-Enrichment Analysis (GOSS-FEAT)

Protein Functional Classification (GOSP-FCT)

Click here for more information about selecting the "best" possible GO semantic similarity measure.

What makes this tool different?
  • DaGO-Fun is a unique tool that exhaustively includes all known IC-based semantic similarity measures. The tool implements 57 protein functional similarity measures, including annotation- and topology-based approaches.
  • In the context of GO-based protein analyses, DaGO-Fun is a unique tool that incorporates the complex dependence structure of the Gene Ontology Directed Acyclic Graph (GO-DAG) and the uncertainty in annotation data using fuzzy expressions through semantic similarity concepts.